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POWERBIND™ high performance stitching wire

a powerful result of our intensive research and development

Combining the needs of our customer and requirements of modern stitching machines we developed a high performance stitching wire with superior properties that offers substantial quality and cost advantages in your wire stitching processes:

Sicherheitsheftung ZeitungAccurate staple forming

Its good workability, form stability and perfect cutting characteristics facilitate accurate staple forming and therefore POWERBIND™ offers highest product quality and improved bindery performance

Solution to difficulties of stitching thicker products

Its higher buckling resistance and improved disruptive strength allow flexible usage of the same wire dimension. The need to change wire diameters for critical jobs can be avoided.
Trials show that POWERBIND™ can replace steel wire without compromising quality.


Minimizing stacking height

Especially for products with a small number of pages usage of POWERBIND™ reduces stacking height and minimizes logistical and handling issues.

1,20 cm reduced stacking height (96 brochures, 24 pages each, 36 g/m2-paper)

Cost reduction

√ optimized set-up cost and reduced downtime due to more flexible use of the same wire dimension
√ lower storage cost due to reduced amount of different diameters used
√ replacement of high carbon steel wire
√ reduction of material cost due to availability of more stitches per kilogram caused by smaller wire diameters

POWERBIND™ is available in all standard dimensions and on all common spool types.