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EASYDRUM™ - the clever way to wind stitching wire

This novel delivery form is another highlight of our R&D activities in the field of stitching wire. The system presents a torsion free wire winding - known from the welding wire industry for automotive applications - adapted and improved for the highly competitive graphical industry.  It represents the ideal solution to various challenges in the area of delivery and processing of stitching wire.

EASYDRUM™ allows…

…extremely long running times due to a net weight of approx. 290 kg. Assuming an elongated staple length of 25 mm for Ø 0,60 mm, production of 5,2 million staples is feasible.

…torsion-free wire pay-off due to unique winding and consequently low pulling forces for wire take-off.

…minimized friction of the wire in the stitching tools, fewer dropped stitches and wear.

…flexible positioning of the drum. Distances of up to 15 meters to the wire input are viable.

…easy and practical handling due to delivery on single pallets 72 x 60 cm. (Delivery of 2-4 Easydrums per pallet is also possible.)

…eco friendly disposal. 

…complete protection from dirt and dust due to the “closed” system of Easydrum, drum top and wire tube.

EASYDRUM™ can be ordered in our established qualities CLASSICBIND™ and POWERBIND™. Following dimensions are available:
0,50 mm (No.26), 0,55 mm (No.25), 0,60 mm (No.24), 0,70 mm (No.23), 0,75 mm (No.22)