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Reference markets

The manifold fields of application of our products direct us to the graphical industry, the automobile and aerospace industry, to energy production and environmental engineering, food engineering and agriculture, construction and architecture, chemistry and water management.

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  • Energie
  • Medizin
  • Triebwerk
  • Medicine - Filter cloths for blood filters, stainless steel welded meshes for medical cleaning baskets and the employment in laboratories and clean rooms.
  • Energy and renewable energy - Filter media for sand screens, wire cloths for the production of hydrogen and fuel cells, cloth layers for wind turbines, filters.
  • Architecture and construction - MeshArt™ metal cloths for architecture and design, insect screens, safety barriers, reinforcement meshes.
  • Process engineering and chemistry - Optimised metal filter cloths made of high alloys, precise sieves and filter elements for the employment in chemical processes.
  • Automotive engineering - Wire cloth for fuel filters, transmission filters, hydraulic filters, gaskets, radiator grilles and filter cloths for airbags.
  • Mechanical engineering and construction - Protective guards, woven cloths for sound insulation, welded meshes and air sieves for ventilation/cooling, water filters, charging racks for heat treatment.
  • Nature and environment - Welded meshes for landscaping and for the protection of animals, filters and sieves for recycling, waste utilisation and the crude material industry.
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry - Welded mesh for animal cages, grids for the protection of plants, air sieves for farm equipment.