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Innovative solutions

We can do more
The adaption of the basic parameters of wire cloths to the respective technical task and cost situation is our day-to-day business. Furthermore, some examples of other developments:

Gewebelaminat   Gewebeband
Sintered (laminated) cloth
A robust and easy to process filter structure originates, if several cloth layers are sintered with each other under a vacuum and high temperature (diffusion bonded). Flow properties, micron ratings and resistance can be adjusted to the task.
  Metal woven belts
Metal cloth in small belts with selvedges do not have any sharp edges, do not fray and can be spirally wound endlessly e.g. as a filter.
DSM   Dreidimensionale Gewebeverbindungen
DSM (Drainage Support Mesh)
By welding longitudinal wires onto wire cloth, filter cloth can also have integrated drainage properties. As a result of the reinforcement, filters can cover larger surfaces.   
  Three dimensional cloth joints
To increase the volume, surface or stability, we have given metal cloth three dimensional structures. Their application in the chemical industry and in process engineering is imaginable.