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Industrial wire cloth


Our weaving facilities in Dorsten, the Czech Republic and China are able to manufacture metal cloth in high technical quality in an economically efficient manner.

ancient loom     Webfach
For more than 60 years, we have produced wire cloth on automated looms.   Long-standing experience combined with the most recent engineering make our metal cloths the first choice - either as a stainless steel cloth for filtration and sifting tasks, as an application in the micro-electronics or in architecture.
Our corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel cloth with openings from a few µm to up to 20 mm is employed in countless industries.

Wire cloth can either be rigid or flexible, open or tight, fine or coarse.

Transversely to the warp (longitudinal wires) the shute wire (cross wire) is woven in various weaves. The wire diameter in the wire cloth can be as fine as a hair but also up to 3 mm strong.

We do not only turn stainless steel but also other weavable metals such as brass, copper, iron and spring steel into metal cloth.

wire cloths in rolls   quality control
We manufacture wire cloths in rolls of up to 3,000 mm and we hold countless specifications for the rapid-response service on stock.   The design of the cloth and the quality control system are planned and managed according to the specific needs of our customers.