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Forms of delivery

Wire cloth is delivered quick from our complete stock range. Additionally, we offer numerous finishing and made-to-measure works with which we support our customers effectively and enable a fast use.

Roll goods as woven
The maximum width is 3,000 mm. The edge design is cut, with selvedges or may, upon request, be reinforced.

Rollenware Lager

Roll goods, cut into strips
For further processing e.g. in stamping press plants, for bending or for cutting, we deliver metal cloth on rolls from 10 mm width upwards.


We deliver pieces, sheets or cuts
depending on quantity, flatness and fabrication requirements. We also laser cut the pieces into different shapes.


Plastic or metallic edging
To protect the edges of the cloth or to stabilise the wire cloth as a whole, we laminate the edges with plastic or edge them with profiles of metal.