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The choice of the material does not only co-determine the resistance to corrosion and the heat resistance but also the mechanical resilience of the wire cloth. As a rule, prior to the weaving, wires for metal cloths are soft annealed. For special requirements, high tensile qualities are available.


Stainless steel
There is a wide range of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel alloys available. Also wires made from duplex steel can be woven. A corrosive environment and high temperatures require the right choice of stainless steel or a nickel alloy.

Non-ferrous metals
Copper, brass, bronze, nickel, titan and many other materials are chosen due to their specific properties, which they then transmit to the wire cloth accordingly. If necessary or wanted, precious metals such as silver or gold can be drawn into wires and woven to wire cloths. As an aid for the choice of the materials our "Table of materials" is at your hands.

Iron and SteelIron and steel
Very often wires made of low-carbon steel alloys are chosen for cost reasons. These can be coated (e.g. galvanised) prior to or after weaving. For reasons of strength and for the reduction of wear and tear spring steel wire is also chosen.