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All about wire cloth

The application of the wire cloth determines the technical properties and the processing of our metal cloths.

Micron rating and filter property, the suitability for sifting, the ability to carry and protect, the workability as well as the stability are first of all determined by the diameter of the wires, the opening and the type of the weave.

The training and experience of our weavers, a reliable machinery technology and suitable quality assurance systems are crucial prerequisites for the workmanlike implementation in the manufacturing of cloth and the further processing.

The choice of the weave determines the characteristics of the cloth.

The choice of the material does not only co-determine the resistance to corrosion and the heat resistance but also the mechanical resilience of the wire cloth. As a rule, prior to the weaving, wires for metal cloths are soft annealed. For special requirements, high tensile qualities are available.

Width and length of wire cloth are either woven or subsequently trimmed to size, pursuant to the customer's wishes.

For many cloths our maximum web width is 3,000 mm. We also weave narrow cloths with a selvedge.