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Wire cloth

For more than 60 years, we have produced wire cloth on automated looms. Long-standing experience combined with the most recent engineering make our metal cloth the first choice.

Our weaving facilities in Dorsten, the Czech Republic and China are able to manufacture metal cloth in high technical quality in an economically efficient manner.

Should your technical processes require specifically smooth surfaces, a finishing of the edges, special coatings or increased cleanliness requirements, we can achieve this with a finishing respectively a modification of the properties of the cloth.

We fabricate products made from wire cloth of the most various kinds and sizes. We are able to weld on frames (resistance welding, TIG/WIG welding), laminate plastic edgings as frames or even perform assembly.

Our customers appreciate the experience and advisory skills with which we contribute to solve their current problems. Our steady focus to endeavour permanent improvements as well as a service at an optimum are the basis for the success of our products.

Wire cloth is delivered quick from our complete stock range. Additionally, we offer numerous finishing and made-to-measure works with which we support our customers effectively and enable a fast use.

We can do more
The adaption of the basic parameters of wire cloths to the respective technical task and cost situation is our day-to-day business.