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Innovative welded mesh

We develop the advantages of welded mesh successfully for additional applications.

Between the longitudinal wires and the transversal wires of a welded mesh we weld wire meshes or wire cloth made of thin wires. By this, we produce ventilation grids, robust filter media with a large surface or decorative room dividers made of welded mesh.

Drainage- Support- Mesh – this material has been developed by DDD as supporting grids and drainage grids in the application for filtration purposes.
Flat hochkant
With the use of flat or profiled wires the surface properties and the stability of welded mesh can be profoundly modified. Welded flat - results in a smooth surface. Welded endwise - for a large open surface, the stability is significantly increased.

FlexNet: Is a welded mesh that deserves the name "wire net". The longitudinal and/or transversal wires are made from wire cables. These give the mesh a considerable flexibility. FlexNet is used for guard cradles, safety nets and decoration purposes. As a variant with a wire cable in longitudinal direction and a monofilament wire in transverse direction, the welded mesh can easily be rolled and unrolled and can for example be used as a screen in front of ovens.
Geschweißte Gewebelaminate
Welded cloth laminates: 2 layers of cloth or thin
welded meshes are welded together in a multi-spot
process. The layers support each other mutually and
become a tight, robust unit for filtration purposes, e.g.
in large heat resistant areas.