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Industrial welded mesh

At each crossing point, longitudinal wires and transversal and cross wires are connected metallurgically-bonded by means of an electrical resistance welding process to welded mesh....

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A robust mesh network originates that with the choice of materials, diameters and geometries of the wire combined with the design of the meshes can be light or flexible and open as well as firm, stiff and secure.

Our modern machinery allows a high level of mesh accuracy.
Welded mesh by DDD are used in high tech industries, in civil engineering and in agriculture.

  • Light stainless steel wire meshes from 0.40 mm (wire net) made from bright wire or stainless steel are used as ventilation grids, insertion grids, filter materials, medical wire baskets, animal cages or in architecture.
  • Heavy welded wire meshes of up to a wire diameter of 16.0 mm serve as safety barriers, as quarry screens, reinforcement mesh, protective guards, barrier fences or as supporting grids.
  • Lüftungsgitter
  • Bewehrung
  • Drainage in Filtern
  • Pommeskorb

Fields of application: Medicine, animals, reinforcement, ventilation, machine protection, architecture, aviation, chemistry.