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Heavy welded mesh

is welded from cut and straightened wires to sheets with fixed dimensions. Heavy welded mesh panels are manufactured to customer specification.

The openings can be of the same size, but can also be adapted by different wire arrangements in the sheet to the specific application.


Wire diameter:  d = 2,5 – 10,0 mm
Openings:: ap from 20.0 mm - as a square opening or as a rectangular opening from 5.0 mm -
as an oblong mesh
Materials: Corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel wire, bright iron wire, galvanised iron wire,

The material table shows materials for our welded meshes in detail

Forms of delivery:

We can deliver heavy welded mesh with piece sizes of 2,000 * 3,000 mm at the maximum.
Cuts, sheets and fixed dimensions: Lying flat and ready to fit with open or closed edges.