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All about welded mesh

Stainless steel welded meshes from DDD have outstanding properties:

  • High stability due to an even welding of all intersections
  • Largest possible open surface even with small openings (more than 95% possible)
  • Suitable for deep drawing due to particularly intensive welding of soft wires
  • Openings and wire diameters can be adapted to the application
  • Corrosion and heat resistant wires can be welded

is continuously produced on rolls from mainly soft, readily processable quality wires and is cut to size according to the client's requirements.

D-Net - rolls

In our product line D-Net, we offer as rolls hot-dip galvanised welded mesh and light stainless steel welded mesh from our standard production.

is welded from cut and straightened wires to sheets with fixed dimensions. Heavy welded mesh panels are manufactured to customer specification.

Pressure-welded meshes are a particularly heavy variant of welded meshes. They are manufactured in a single-spot welding process.