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Welded Wire Mesh

50 years of experience and proficiency in the production of welded wire mesh. With this know-how we manufacture quality welded mesh economically efficient and develop wire mesh that matches even special market requirements.

At each crossing point, longitudinal wires and transversal and cross wires are connected metallurgically-bonded by means of an electrical resistance welding process to welded mesh....

We deliver our DDD welded meshes not only as a raw material on rolls, strips or sheets but also pre-fabricated as cuts for the use in the applications of our customers.

We develop the advantages of welded mesh successfully for additional applications.

In order to increase the corrosion resistance, in particular at the welding spots, it is advisable to pickle stainless steel welded meshes. Then, the surface will get a slightly dull texture.

The quality of the products and services as a prerequisite for our success will remain in the focus of our efforts for constant improvements.