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Screens made from precrimped woven meshes

(Separation size 1.0 mm - 100 mm)

gefalzter Siebboden

Screens for heavy-weight materials are normally manufactured from woven wire meshes in spring steel (DIN EN 10270) or stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4401 and equipped with hooks.

The opening type and type of weave is determined by the application and can either be in a square, rectangular or longish shape. The rule of thumb applies: The more longish the weave, the more yield, less tendency to cluster or clog but also less precise the sieve will be.

Harp screens are a special form of wire screens. They are particularly suitable for difficult, regularly moist and loamy sifting materials. They provide a high throughput and a good self-cleaning efficiency. Harp screens are mainly made from stainless steel.

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