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Screen cloth

(Separation size 20 µ - 10.0 mm)

We weave screen cloth as a square weave according to ISO 9044 and ISO 4783. We store a broad range of square weave variants with a width of up to 3,000 mm in our warehouse (PDF square weaves, see below).

Oblong weave or broad weave cloths offer a larger open surface and reduced tendency to cluster or clog (PDF oblong weave cloths, see below).

Nowadays, the most often used stainless steel materials are 1.4301, 1.4401 and 1.4016.
Upon request, we manufacture duplex materials and other grades of stainless steel.

Grades of high tensile stainless steel (e.g. 1.4310) and spring steel cloths (DIN EN 10270) provide a higher abrasion resistance and an improved vibration behaviour. (PDF spring steel cloths, see below).

All about wire cloth

Quadratmaschengewebe (PDF)
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