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Quality & Development

ZerreißmaschineOur customers appreciate the experience and advisory skills with which we contribute to solve their current problems. Our steady focus to endeavour permanent improvements as well as a service at an optimum are the basis for the success of our products.


Quality management
Our testing laboratories are equipped with modern equipment for testing the properties of materials and products. We are supported externally by accredited and certified testing institutes.


With experience spanning over decades as well as adapted technical and organisational methods, we ensure the quality in our weaving facility. At this we follow the concerns of the market and improve our processes continuously.

Our qualified employees rely on a broad range of technical measuring devices:

  • X-ray fluorescence analyser for the determination of material
  • Laser measuring instruments on a stand-alone basis for the diameter monitoring
  • Tensile testing machine for the determination of mechanical properties of raw material and product
  • Computer-aided measuring of the opening and distribution of the mesh

Our operational standards for the manufacturing of filter cloths therefore succeed over the specific DIN standards ISO 9044 (industrial wire cloth), ISO 4783 (metal wire) and ISO 3310 (test sieves and metal cloths).