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Hardening baskets

Charging racks and wire baskets for the heat treatment of metal parts

Our wires are woven and processed according to DIN and ISO. Our manufacturing plants with a certification according to DIN ISO 9000 ensure a high level of quality for all products. In order to enable you to handle your workpieces in a simple and safe way, we manufacture the welding frames and baskets according to our systems and your requirements. Together with us, you decide on the design of your charging racks.

We weave wire cloths from wires of 0.10 mm - 12.0 mm from any weavable material. They can either be crimped on both sides or designed with intermediate crimps or as lead frames. We manufacture in-house welded meshes from wires of up to 2.0 mm. We weld profiles, flat and round steels according to your and our quality specifications.

Wire mesh carriers and welded frames
Wire basket inserts for cast iron frames
Manufacturing details - edges and angles
Separation grids
Various wire basket variants
Welded frames with basket inserts, stackable