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Sintered wire cloth laminate

Diffusion-bonded (sintered) layers of cloth improve the filtration properties and the usability of individual layers of filtration cloth. SinterPore allows building filters, that combine new properties with the advantages of metal filter cloths.

gesinterte Lagen

  • A precise, robust pore geometry by a firm bond
  • Heat and corrosion-resistance
  • Favourable forming property and weldability
  • Favourable cleanability and reusabililty
  • Definable porosity of the laminate


SLS – sintered individual layers
By material bond of the wires from the layer of wire, a filter medium with very robust individual openings is formed. Individual wires cannot come loose.
Filter layers made from SLS (Single Layer Sintered Laminate) are often calendered to a flat, even surface. For fine filter cloths SLS can be reinforced by means of a sintered supporting cloth to give the medium more stability and load bearing capacity.




mehrlagiges Medium

MLS – multilayered sintered layers of cloth
By the diffusion bonded material bond of wire cloth, a robust filter medium is formed, that can effectively be used for filters, fluidisation elements, porous liquid distributors and many more. A typical set-up in 5 layers consists of supporting cloths, drainage cloths and the filter cloth. (MLS = Multi Layer Sintered Laminate)
Standard materials are 1.4301/6, 1.4401/4, but 2.4660, 2.4858 and other nickel alloys can also be manufactured as filter laminates.


Of course, the structure of MLS can be designed according to the application from the most diverse layers of cloth, depending on whether more emphasis is put on stability, porosity, permeability or processability.