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Filtration is the art to separate single media from each other. Dependent on the filtration task, it takes place as a surface, cake or depth filtration. Various permeable media with different micron ratings are used.

Metal cloth is the traditional filter medium. It is robust, corrosion and heat resistant and is readily processable. It is characterised by constant openings and pores.

We manufacture SinterPore elements first of all for the exploration of oil and gas, for power plants, for the industrial separation of solids and liquids and for the fluidisation.

Metal cloth in the air filtration can not only be found in the hot gas sector. For the filtration of pollen, fibres, insects and other impurities upstream of e.g. air-cooled units, we have introduced our DDD air sieve as a protective filter to the market.

Diffusion-bonded (sintered) layers of cloth improve the filtration properties and the usability of individual layers of filtration cloth.

Contaminated molten plastics are unacceptable. Our melt filters come to the aid in producing a clean raw fiber and plastic material for a good end product.

There are numerous opportunities to use a filter made from metal cloth. We fabricate and supply filter parts and components for plants in all industries.