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Construction industry

Insect protection mesh

The protection of residential and public buildings from insects and other external influences is a significant contribution to the quality of life and hygiene.

  • Insect protection mesh made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Basement shaft cloths made from stainless steel - not reinforced or reinforced with wire mesh
  • Pollen protection cloths made of stainless steel - from an opening of 35 micrometer
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Radiation protection cloths

Our environment is more and more polluted by magnetic radiation fields. Humans and technical equipment can be effectively protected with DDD radiation protection cloths. We offer radiation protection cloths made from copper or stainless steel in various finenesses and widths.

Ventilation grids

Wire meshes are absolutely essential when it comes to the protection of air inlets from uninvited guests and rubbish.

  • Air ducts in the living area
  • Protection of industrial plants


Pigeon screens

Without protection, pigeons and other animals can cause considerable damage to building parts.

  • Pigeon screens made of stainless steel
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Benches and waste paper baskets

Parks, sports arenas and other sites can become more attractive and cleaner with garden furniture from DDD.

  • Benches made of stainless steel, galvanised steel or powder-coated
  • Waste paper baskets made from stainless steel, galvanised steel or powder-coated
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Bank Korb

Gates and fences

In entrance areas or for fencing around properties, wire meshes can offer attractive alternatives.

  • Gate fillings and fence fillings from woven stainless steel meshes


Reinforcement meshes

Wire meshes are a classic reinforcement element. In special cases or for special concrete, finely woven meshes are a long-lasting solution.

  • Stainless steel meshes for tile elements or stair steps
  • Stainless steel meshes for undertile screed in wet areas
  • MicroMat meshes for the employment in Ducon concrete